Barbara Holzman, PhD

Recent Reports and Publications:

Holzman, Barbara.  2017.  Vegetation on the Farallon Islands   (In progress)

Holzman, Barbara, Q. Clark, G. McChesney and G. Block.  2017. Farallon National Wildlife Refuge Invasive Plant Inventory.  Report to USFWS

Holzman, Barbara and G.Block.  2016. Protocol for Invasive Species mapping of South Farallon Islands, Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, California.  Report to USFWS

Studwell, Anna, Ellen Hines, Meredith Elliott, Julie Howar, Barbara Holzman, Nadav Nur, and Jaime Jahncke. 2016. Modeling Nonresident Seabird Foraging Distributions to Inform Ocean Zoning in Central California. PLUS ONE

 Jensen, Caitlin, Ellen Hines, Barbara A. Holzman, Thomas J. Moore, Jaime Jahncke & Jessica V. Redfern. 2015. Spatial and Temporal Variability in Shipping Traffic off San Francisco, California. Coastal Management. Vol 43 (6), November 2015, pages 575-588

Dransfield, A., E. Hines, M. McGowan, B. Holzman, M. Elliot, J. Howar, N. Nur and J. Jahncke. 2014. Where the whales are: Using habitat modeling to support changes in shipping regulations within National Marine Sanctuaries in Central California. End. Species Res. 26 (1) 39-57.

Harvey, Brian J., Barbara A. Holzman, and Alison B. Forrestel. 2014. "Forest Resilience Following Severe Wildfire in A Semi-Urban National Park." Fremontia. Vol 42(3) 14-18

Harvey, Brian J., and Barbara A. Holzman. "Divergent successional pathways of stand development following fire in a California closedcone pine forest". Journal of Vegetation Science 25.1 (2014): 88-99.


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