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Mohammad Azadpur

Tel: 415-338-3135

E-mail: azad at

Office:  HUM 361
Department of Philosophy
College of Humanities

Welcome to my webpage.

I am a professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University. In my research, I bring Islamic Peripatetics (especially Alfarabi and Avicenna) into dialogue with various contemporary and cutting-edge philosophical trends in order to develop a deeper understanding of the positions of both interlocutors and contribute to the advancement of the salient inquiries. In my earlier work, I scrutinized the Islamic Peripatetic conceptions of philosophy that assign a pivotal role to ethics (as the practice of spiritual exercises and as the necessary propaedeutic to the philosophical sciences). I brought these conceptions into dialogue with the work of Hadot and later Foucault on the primacy of ethics in Ancient philosophy. In this engagement, I also considered the importance of ethics in Heidegger's Being and Time, given the latter’s importance for Hadot and Foucault as well as the modern interpreters of Islamic philosophy (e.g., Nasr and Corbin). Currently, I am developing a manuscript engaging the Islamic Peripatetics through the work of Analytic neo-Hegelians (Sellars, Brandom, and McDowell) in their efforts to rethink intentionality and foundationalism.

Last update 7/12/2011