Biol 740

Instructor: Greg Antipa
Office: 723 Hensill Hall
Phone: (415) 338-2951

Biology 740
Cell Ultrastructure Seminar


Bulletin Description - graduate or senior standing, Biol. 350, 401 or 450 and consent of instructor . The structure, function and fate of cell organelles with emphasis on their interactive behavior during such cell functions as division, ingestion, digestion, growth, secretion and motility. Seminar reports and discussion of the research literature.

Think of this course as advanced cell biology. Topics that concern structure and/or structure function relationships are appropriate for this course and will be discussed.

The course format will include lectures, discussion of the recent literature, seminar reports, and a few field trips.

Selected topics will include SOME of the following:

structure and function of the nuclear pore complex, integrins & hemidesmosomes, maturation of endosomes, membrane traffic through the Golgi, axonal microtubules, biogenesis of peroxisomes, role of green fluorescent protein in acting as a reporter, role of radial spoke proteins, non-filamentous actin in non-muscle cells, translocation and insertion of mitochondrial membrane proteins, structure and function of tight junctions, beta spectrin domains of neurons, cytoplasmic dynein, phospholipid transfer proteins, assembly and disassembly of the nuclear envelope, cytoplasmic myosin, nucleosome organization, kinesins, protein import into mitochondria, mitotic motors, basal body nucleic acids, protein translocation into the ER, organelle inheritance, tubulins, MTOCs, centromere/kinetochore complex, GTP binding proteins in intracellular transport, antigen processing & presentation, positional information, intermediate filaments, kinesins in the spindle, protein sorting and secretion, cytoplasmic dynamin, protein export from the mitochondrial matrix, proteins and plasma membrane domains, fusion in vesicular transport, membrane docking sites, etc.

Questions: Ask Antipa, 723 Hensill Hall, 338-2951

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