Russian daily news and commentary in English:

Russian daily news and commentary in Russian only:

Presidential Administration web site, with complete archive of Putin speeches:

Johnsonís Russian List, a daily bulletin which is a must-read for Russia-watchers:

Daily news (/Newsline/) and background reports from the US-funded Radio Liberty:

Jamestown Foundationís /Eurasia// Daily Monitor:


/Transitions Online/. Current articles on the region and archives going back to 1995:

For data on election results and public opinion polls on major issues:

For stories on the other former Soviet republics, Central Asia and the Caucasus:

Kremlin sponsored TV in English:

Leading independent poll center:

Official poll center:

Official statistics:

World Bank reports on the Russian economy:

OECD reports on the Russian economy:

BBC news index of stories and timelines for each country:

Best site for maps of the Former Soviet Union:

Good photo collection, especially these scenes from the highway to Yakutsk:


Source: Peter Rutland's website