The Routledge Handbook of Russian Foreign Policy, edited volume

Russian International Theory: Three Traditions, 2nd edition (in Russian)

Foreword to Russian Studies of International Relations by Marina Lebedeva

“American Russophobia in the age of liberal decline,”in the Bulgrarian journal Critique and Humanism (in Russian in Russia and Global Affairs)

Under review

US media, Russia, and the politics of values, a book under review

“American IR and Russian foreign policy” (with Seva Gunitsky), a paper under review

“The sources of Russia’s fear of Nato,” a paper under review

“Nato, Russia, and Regional Security in Europe and Eurasia”, edited special issue

In Progress

Russia and America: the Asymmetric Rivalry, a book under contract

Russia's Foreign Policy, the 5th edition

US-Russian relations, a book chapter

Russian world order debate, a paper for ISA conference

Russian IR/geopolitical theory, a project proposal