Recent Papers / Book Chapters

Russia and the Future of International Relations

Foreword to Russian Studies of International Relations by Marina Lebedeva


Relations with the United States

American Russophobia in the Age of Liberal Decline

The Wilsonian Bias in the Study of Russian Foreign (with Seva Gunitsky)

NATO, Russia, & Regional Security: intro to special issue

The Sources of Russia's Fear of NATO

On Russophobia and Studying US-Russia Relations (in Russian)


American Russophobia in the Age of Liberal Decline (in Russian)

The Enlightened Statism of Aleksei Bogaturov (in Russian)

Russia's Strategy of Civilizational Concentration

In the Shadow of Nikolai Danilevskii


Crafting the State-Civilization: Vladimir Putin's Turn to Distinct Values

The Dark Double: The American Media Perception of Russia

Uses of Eurasia: the Kremlin, the Eurasian Union, and the Izborsky Club


Values and Interests in Russian-American Relations (in Russian)

Introduction to the Russian edition of Russophobia (in Russian)

Foreign Policy and the U.S.-Russia Relations

The Democracy Crisis and the Demand for State (in Russian)

A Strong State: Theory and Practice in the 21st Century

The Sources of Russia's Ukraine Policy


Freedom House Ratings of Russia

Honor, Status, and Emotions in Russia's Discourses of the West

Prospects of Russian IR Theory (in Russian)

The Multipolarity Postponed: American Discussions of World Order (in Russian)

Russian IR Theory: The Crisis of a Globally-Pluralist Discipline

A Self-Portrait of Russian IR Theory: Results of a Survey (in Russian)

Russia's Afghanistan Debate


Meetings with Hayward Alker (in Russian)

Soft Power and International Relations Theory (in Russian)

Moscow's Soft Power Strategy

Alexander Panarin and the Russian Revolution (in Russian)

Russia and the Middle East

The Russia-Nato Mistrust

Russian Values and Foreign Policy (in Russian)

Contested Identity & Foreign Policy


Russia's Foreign Policy Under Medvedev-Putin

Is Russia's Foreign Policy Authoritarian and Expansionist? (in Russian)

Cultural and Regime-Based Explanations of Russia’s Foreign Policy

Globalization: a Russian Perspective

Russia and the CIS in 2011


The Heartland No More: Russia’s Weakness and Eurasia’s Meltdown

Preserving Influence in a Changing World: Russia’s Grand Strategy

US-Russia Relations in the Post-Western World


The Russian-American Partnership? The ‘Russia Threat’ and the U.S. Critics of the 'Reset' (in Russian)

National Ideology and IR Theory: Three Reincarnations of the ‘Russian Idea’ (with Pavel A. Tsygankov)

Russia’s Power and Alliances in the 21st Century

Russian Theory of International Relations (with Pavel A. Tsygankov)


Russia in the Post-Western World: The End of the Normalization Paradigm?

Russia in Global Governance: Multipolarity or Multilateralism?

What Is China to Us? Westernizers and Sinophiles in Russia's Foreign Policy

Blaming Moscow: the Power of the Anti-Russian Lobby

Duelling Honors: Realism, Constructivism and the Russia-Georgia Divide (with Matthew Tarver-Wahlquist)

From Belgrade to Kiev: Hard-Line Nationalism and Russia’s Foreign Policy

Obstacles to U.S.-Russian Cooperation in the Caucasus and Ukraine


Self and Other in International Relations Theory: Learning from Russian Civilizational Debates

Russia's International Assertiveness: What Does It Mean for the West?

U.S.-Russia Relations in Contemporary American Political Science (in Russian)

Two Faces of Putin's Great Power Pragmatism

Russia's Interests and Objectives in East Asia


The Return of the Russian Idea (in Russian)

Modern at Last? Variety of Weak States in the Post-Soviet World

A Sociology of Dependence in International Relations Theory: A Case of Russian Liberal IR (with Pavel A. Tsygankov)

Finding a Civilizational Idea: ‘West’, ‘Eurasia’ and ‘Euro-East’ in Russia’s Foreign Policy

"Russophobia in the United States (in Russian)