1. Over the last twenty years, the U.S. world power has increased. – No, the US has isolated itself and is increasingly turning into a “rogue state”

2. Within the next five years, the India-Pakistan conflict may become a nuclear one. – No

3. The origins of 9-11 are in the Third World. – No

4. US-Russia relations will continue to improve over the next five years. – No

5. US intervention in Iraq is likely to succeed. – No, it will fail

6. Within the next ten years, a number of nuclear states will increase and may include Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. – No, this won’t happen

7. Global warming cannot be reversed. – Yes, it can and must

8. The world economic inequality will increase over the next ten years. – No

9. The post-cold war ethnonationalism could have been prevented. – Not likely 

10. Without the US, International Criminal Court is ineffective. – No true

11. Within the next five years, the world economic depression will become reality. – Not necessarily

12. To be effective in the post-cold war world, he United Nations must be seriously reformed. – No major reform is required

13. Clash of cultures is an accurate description of the post-cold war world. – Not so.

14. Within the next ten years, Europe will emerge as a military powerhouse ready to replace NATO. – Unlikely

15. NGOs are becoming a viable coalition capable of challenging the state-driven globalization. – Not really

16. After 9-11, the Central Asia is destined to become a key actor in world politics. – Not necessarily

17. The world is unable to address Africa’s HIV and poverty problem. – Not true

18. Over the last twenty years, China became more peaceful and democratic. – Not so

19. Over the last fifteen years, religion has become more powerful. – Not really

20. In the twenty first century, technology will be a liberating force. – Not necessarily

21. Women’s increased participation in world politics is likely to make it more peaceful and human rights-sensitive. – Not necessarily