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Gaye Chan
Kaili Chun
Sally Clark
Binh Danh
Ian Everard
James Fee
Alejandro González Iñárritu
Robin Kandel
Aaron Kerner
John Morita
Katsushige Nakahashi
Masami Teraoka
Lynne Yamamoto

Katsushige Nakahashi, the keystone artist of this exhibition, has created a series of Zero Projects. The artist presents 3-dimensional full-scale replicas of the Japanese WWII era fighter plane, the Zero. He constructs his Zeros by painstakingly photographing every square millimeter of a toy-model. One square centimeter is photographed approximately 24 times. In total one of Nakahashi's Zeros might contain as many as 25,000 individual photographs. When the photographs are developed they can be pieced together, like a puzzle, to form a ‘photographic sculpture.’ Nakahashi will construct a specific Zero flown by Nishikaichi, who partook in the assault on Pearl Harbor. The pilot crash landed on Niihau which set in motion other historical events.

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