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Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos is a cartographer of memory. Geography, for Ramos, is laced with history, with memory, and it is her work that allows us to mindfully navigate through this terrain. Although extremely personal, mapping Ramos's own complex heritage, she, nevertheless, leaves room for us, as her maps take us through familiar sites. She covers vast territory, she takes us from the Trinity test site to Hiroshima, and back again. Through a personal journey of discovery, interrogating the very fabric of her being, Ramos illustrates where she has been: push-pins on a map of the world, and psychological markers that compose her very identity.

While Ramos is a cartographer, she is also an anthropologist. She catalogues the cultural proclivities associated with a particular place. She sets out to record, to reconcile living knowledge with that which has slipped into the nebulous void of forgotten history. Impressions in the geography of a place are given a narrative, Ramos reconstructs the history of territory; scars in the landscape correspond to human presence and history. The violence that we direct towards one another leaves its trace, a crater, a fissure in the landscape; Ramos, as cartographer and anthropologist chronicles our human geography.

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