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Sally Clark

Binh Danh

Ian Everard

James Fee

Shelby Graham

Hanna Hannah

Robin Kandel

Aaron Kerner

Elyse Koren-Camarra

Keith Muscutt

Katsuhige Nakahashi

Rebecca Ramos
塩 澤 秀 樹

Hideki Shiozawa

Robin Smith

Kenji Yanobe

Comments about Collapsing Histories

両方の展覧会場が爆撃(空襲と核実験)と関連しているという事実がとても興味深いですね。とても素晴らしい展覧会でした。アン(クリ−ブランド、オハイオ州、アメ リカ 7月16日

I like the fact that both of the exhibit venues are related to bombing (fire bombings, nuke testing). Great show!

Ann (Cleveland, Ohio July 16)


とらえどころのない記憶と人々の人生のかたちづくる心の傷をきちんとしたイメージにして、私たちの心に伝えてくれる素晴らしい展示です。ウエンディ(クリ−ブランド、オハイオ州、アメリカ 7月16日)

Wonderful exhibit that calls us to reflect on the elusiveness of memory and the … traumas that shape people's lives.

Wendy (Oberlain, Ohio July 16)


コラプシング・ヒストリーズを見にきたのですがこのような場所があるとは、はずかしながら初めて知りました。コラプシング・ヒストリーズのコンセプトと、第五福竜丸の圧倒的な存在により、おそらく生涯忘れられない体験になったと思います。また中ハシ克シゲさんご本人からもお話が聞けたのは、これまた貴重な体験でした。色々な意味で来て良かったと思います。このような企画を実現された方々に感謝いたします。 男性(日本、719日) 
I came to here [The
Daigo Fukuryu Maru exhibit hall] to see Collapsing Histories. I'm ashamed to say, I did not know that there is this kind of place until I came here. The overwhelming existence of Daigo Fukuryu Maru and the concept of Collapsing Histories gave me an experience that I will never forget. It is also very valuable experience to talk with Mr. Nakahashi Katsushige. I really appreciate the people who planed this exhibition. ( Japan, July 19) 



As a person coming from … [a] country where the impact of war is felt even today - from Poland - I must say the exhibition is fantastic - small but impressive. I really liked Robin Kandel's work.

Monika (July 21)


What a wonderful exhibition. This depicts  the feeling of so many people regarding the atrocities   needless reasoning of War. (Lori, Australia July 22)

Seeing the photographs of the exhibition, I could feel the tragedy of war. I realized that I should express what I want to tell the other people. Thank you.  (Japan, July 22)

My father was working for the Ministry of Education, and stayed at office of the night of air raid on Tokyo. He fought fires on the roof of the building. When he went back to his dormitory, the whole building was burned down. I was born 10 years after the War, so I had enough food. But I heard that my parents lined up to get an allocation of a baby buggy that my elder sisters would sleep in.  (Japan)

私は美術館やギャラリーという空間ではなく、その場所のもつ意味を踏まえ、更にアートを重ねるということに興味を持っています。そういう意味で今回の展示は大変興味あるものでした。特にヤノベさんの作品は森美術館とは違ったイミをまた感じとった思いです。 女性(日本、724日)


I am interested in thinking of the meaning of a particular place, and how that over laps with art, not in a space like a museum or gallery É And because of this, this exhibition was so interesting. Especially, I could feel a difference in meaning from YanobeÕs here [at the Daigo Fukuryu Maru], compared with when I saw it previously at the Mori Art Museum. ( Japan, July 24 ) 


来館の当初の目的は、実は不謹慎ながら建築に興味があって、というものでした。しかし今は展示を見、改めて核実験被害の恐怖に身が震える思いで一杯です。これらの悲惨な事実の記憶がうすくなってしまうのは時経過やその中で次々と起こる惨事の蓄積の中で、それを食い止めるのは大変難しく感じますが、今回の展覧会のように別の視点で紹介することによってこれほど鮮明によみがるものなんだなと、強く思いました。世界共通語ともいえる「アート」を通して、忘れてはならない記憶を鮮明に思い出させ、あるいは新たな切り口を教えてくれる中ハシさんはじめみなさんの活動を心から支援致します! この建築も、外壁をサビに覆われ、朽ちていく過程で人々に時の経過とその中で忘れてはならないものを伝える役目を負っている気がしました。 男性(日本、725日)


My primary aim to come here (Daigo Fukuryu Maru exhibit hall) was that I was interested in the architecture. However, seeing the exhibition and the damage of nuclear experimentation this totally scared me. I feel that it is very difficult to stop memories of disastrous tragedies from fading, because the elapse of time and the accumulation of never ending tragedies. This exhibition proposed that it is possible to recollect the fact of tragedy clearly, from different viewpoints. I will support the activities of Nakahashi and the other artists who recollect the [historical] facts that must not be forgotten, and teach a new way of thinking, with a universal language: art. I strongly feel that this building itself has a role to pass down the things that should never be forgotten, which is suggested by the covering of rust and decay. [The Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall is an A-framed structure with an outer skin that is intentionally rusted.] ( Japan, July 25 ) 


My house was not burn down, but when my family came back to my house from the place of wartime evacuation, three families that lost their houses by air raid, were living in my house. After my father came back from China, four member of my family were living in [a space measuring] six tatami mats. After my father found a place for these three families, those people finally left my home. (Japan)


時間外に来館したのに偶然見せていただくことができて本当にありがとうございました。ヤノベさんの作品、初めてではなかたのですが、パネルも一緒に見れてよかったです。ア−ロンさんのビデオコラージュもとてもよかった。何より、この場所で展覧会をされたことに意義深いものを感じます。どうもありがとうございました。 女性(日本、728日)


Thank you for allowing me to see this exhibition even though I came here after the opening hours. This was not the first time for me to see Yanobe's work, but I was happy to see it together with YanobeÕs illustrations. I was impressed with Kerner's video collage, too. I really feel the significance of holding this exhibition in THIS place: The Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibit Hall. Thank you very much. ( Japan, July 28 ) 


忘れられ捨てさられようとした第五福竜丸。こうして初めて見て、船が人間に忘れたり(過去を)捨てさったりさせまいとがんばっている。そんな感じがしました。アメリカが使いやすい核兵器を開発しようとしている今、核兵器とは何なのか知識としてでも広く見直されるべきです。アート展ですがアートを言葉で解説するのは(多分)邪道だと思いますが、やはり感じるためには知識も必要なのでもう少し解説を増やしたほうがいいと思います。 男性(日本、728日)


The Daigo Fukuryu Maru was almost forgotten and thrown away. This is the first time for me to see this ship. I feel that this ship tries to keep working so that people must not forget and throw away the facts. At this moment, the United States tries to develop an 'easy-to-use nuclear weapon,' consequently people should really reconsider what a nuclear weapon is - even just the knowledge of it. As for an art exhibition - probably, explaining art by words is a kind of wrong way, but to make people feel - it should have a little more explanation …. ( Japan, July 28 ) 


歴史や人、地域etcを知る媒体として、また、きっかけとしてのアートの役割は大きいと痛感しました。が、ここに来る方々にとって、アートはただの難解なものとして終わってしまうでしょう。実際、作品に関するコメントがほとんどない。また大半が外人の方々で構成されているアーティスト陣において歴史を語り継ぐためには被爆した日本人という国民が今でも奥底に抱いている感情を理解した上でのこの場所での展示であることを日本人として切に願います。 女性(日本、728日)

I really feel that art has an important role as a media and an entree to know history, people and region
s. However, for most of people who come to The Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibit Hall, these artworks are hard to understand. In fact, I donÕt really find adequate explanations of the art works. Being Japanese, I wish that foreign artists, who intend to pass down histories, understand the deep sentiments of the Japanese people who have had an experience of exposure to radiation from the bombing [of Hiroshima and Nagasaki], and they exhibit their works at this place.  ( Japan, July 28 ) 


久しぶりにここに来た。このアート展がなければ中々足を運ばないし、これで訪れる人もいるだろう。そういう意味で、価値が高いが福竜丸に関する考察が深まるかは別である。真実を伝えようとする意志だけでは伝わらない現実があり、その点アートのはたす役割ほはあると思うが、今回の作品がそれに応じていたかどうか。ごまかすことの難しい問題提起だけに受け取る目も厳しいのは当然である。 男性(日本、728日)


A long time has past since I came The Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibit Hall. I would not have come here if there wasn't an art exhibition here, and I think the same holds true of other people. Consequently, this event is very significant, but it is not clear if the Daigo Fukuryu Maru remains the central focus, or not. Even ÔtruthsÕ that cannot be communicated through direct means. Considering this point, art has a role in communicating knowledge. However, it remains a question if the artworks in this exhibition fulfill this role, or not? This exhibition proposed a very difficult question that cannot be glossed-over, so it is natural that this audience should have a severe critical eye. ( Japan, July 28 ) 


小さい頃から反戦、平和教育のさかんな我が家でしたがすこし大人になりかけて、ふとするとそんなことを忘れてしまいます。風化させないことと考えて行動すること、この展覧会は非常に私自身にとって意義のあるおもしろいものでした。個人的にはヤノベケンジさんの作品がとても好きです。そしてもうすぐ八月六日ですね。 女性(日本、728日)


Since my childhood my family has been eager to learn about peace education. As I am getting older, I inadvertently forget what I learned. This exhibition is very meaningful and interesting because it proposes how to stop fading memory and to act with thinking. Personally, I love the works of Yanobe, and the 6th of August is coming soon. [August 6th is the day the United States dropped an atomic weapon on Hiroshima.] (Japan, July 28)



 Never forget that we are human beings. [We should] never repeat [such atrocities] again. It is because future art must not create a piece of work called WAR.  (Japan, July 31)



 I found an unbelievable miracle in this kura [a family warehouse]. I cannot help thinking of this space and where I am.  (Japan, July 31)



Just before, very loudly, on the television news, I watched [kidnapped] people [in Iraq who were] blindfolded and had guns pointed at them. I saw these broadcasts in the morning and at night. I was watching while I was eating a meal. I always watch TV while I'm doing something. Always, even though I am scared. But art can be faced. I like art and I believe in art, so my stomach can feel the pain. I am happy to see this. The artworks and the space match well. I will go home by bicycle tasting this feeling. Mai (Japan, August 2)


この記念館を初めて訪れて驚いたことは、第五福竜丸が予想以上に巨大な漁船であったこと。この船体のダイナミックさから比べれば作品が少々心細く見えました。しかし、これは現実と理想のギャップとどこか相似ているようにも思えます。たとえ理想や希望、善意がどんなに卑小に見えようとも我々は現実というデーモンを前にひるんではならないのです。 女性(日本、83日)


This is my first time to visit The Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibit Hall, and I was so surprised that The Daigo Fukuryu Maru was such a huge ship. Compared with the dynamism of this ship, the exhibited artworks seem not powerful enough. However this contrast seems like a gap between 'reality' and an 'ideal.' Even if ideal, hope and goodwill looks no more significant, and we must not fear the demon called, 'reality.' (Japan, August 3)


言葉では伝えきれないことが沢山あります。それに代わる言語としてARTがあって今回とてもARTの役割の重要さを感じさせてもらえる機会となったと思います。 女性(日本、83日)

There are many things that cannot be communicated with words. Art, as a language, can replace words. This exhibition is a good opportunity to realize the role of art.  (Japan, August 3)


 85 gallery efで展示を拝見した者です。









 I came to the exhibition of Gallery ef on the 5th of August.

First, I am very happy that this kind of show is being held in the area where I live.

 My grandparents had real experience of war. Intellectually I know what is happening in the world. In short, I think peace is important, and sometimes joining peace parades and saying "No War!" with a weak voice is futile.

 Even though I, or my generation, have the sensibility to say, "No" to war, but, if the draft started, [just like] falling into the situation of being a company worker, I might kill somebody.... I am scared of this thought.

 The feeling to protest the war is very important, but this exhibition taught me that it is more important to "know" what happened [to know history].

 I empathize with this exhibition because the word "peace" is not used carelessly; and this show expresses what happened subtly.

 Not only do tragedies like war [affect us], but things happen in daily life that should be engraved on our hearts, and I think this is important.

I had an impression that this exhibition is a little bit small, but this is a meaningful exhibition by artists and what our earlier generations hand down silently.

Thank you very much.  (Japan August 5) 


どうもありがとう。とても素晴らしい体験でした。作品、そしてキュレイタ−の作品の選択が印象深かった。ギャラリーもとても美しい場所です。また来ます。 アントニ−・ドアガタ/マグナム・フォト(フランス、87日)

 Thank you very much. This was a fascinating experience. Very impressed by the works and the curator's choice. The gallery is a beautiful space, too. I'll come back. Antoine d'Agata (Magnum Photos, August 7)



 I was so moved. Thank you very much. Something very huge cut me to the heart. (Japan August 7) 


 やっと見られました。たくさんの人の協力で、ステキな展示だったと思います。人間はいっぱい考えなきゃいけない事がありますねー。映像でしか知らない戦争É。でも、もっと知らなくてはならないと思います。いい勉強になりました。皆様、お疲れ様でした。 女性(日本、87日)

 I finally reached this exhibition. Many people worked together and to make this wonderful exhibition. Humans have many things to learn. I learned about war only through movies. But, we should learn more. This is a good enlightening experience. "Good job" to everybody who made this show happen. (Japan, August 7)


 1964年生まれの私ですが、父が予科練に入っていたこともあり、同世代よりは「戦争体験」(と言ってよいかÉ)が身近に感じられます。体験者の語りの声が届きにくくなっている今、美術の力を強く感じました。戦争の恐ろしさ、記憶等々、風化するときを少しでもくいとめていただきたい。これらに期待しております。 女性(日本、87日)

 I was born in 1964 and at the time my father was at the training school of the Japanese Imperial Navy. So the experience of war was closer compared with other people of my generation. Now it is hard to talk with people who had the real experience, so I strongly realized the power of art. I wish that the horror of war and never fades. (Japan August 7)


 私とは違った目線で、様々なアーティストがそれぞれの感性で描くアートに感動しました。いろいろな形で、歴史を伝えていけたら素晴らしいと思いました。このGallery ef の雰囲気も落ち着けて、歴史を感じるに最高です!! 女性(日本、87日)

 I was so moved by the artworks made by artist with sensitive sensibilities. It is wonderful that histories can be passed down in many different ways. I can be relaxed in this place, Gallery ef. Here is the best place to feel history. (Japan August 7)



I think this is a wonderful exhibition. I can accept what wars bring to humanity. By the including foreign artists thoughts go deeper. Female (Japan, August 8)





I was so moved that this exhibition tried to focus on the memories of war that were thrown away and would otherwise never be known, and shown to many people. Social science presents histories of the past to the public, with data and objective writing based on certain opinions. On the other hand, and as for art, including fine art and literature, audiences can accept and interpret them with their own sensibility, even though the art included is the curator's choice. So art has an interactive function. I am going to be studying abroad in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and I'm preparing to work in the field of developing nations in the process of industrializing. For that reason, this exhibition is so interesting to me. In Cambodia, behind the smiles of the people, lie terrifying memories of Pol Pot just 30 years ago. In fact, most of the people in this country lost family members because they were murdered, and they have bitter memories. There are activities that try to keep memories from fading, such as this exhibition, but on the other hand, the individuals that had real experiences try to throw away those memories [try to forget]. This exhibition made me think a lot. (Japan, August 8) 


カリフォルニアでも見させていただきました。イアン・エバラードさんの作品は何回見てもすごいと思いました。私は戦争を実際に体験している世代ではありませんが、いろいろなことが伝わってきました。とてもすばらしい展示でした。 女性(日本、88日)

 I saw this show in California, before. Whenever I see the works of Ian Everard, I am so moved. I belong to a generation that has no experience of war, but this exhibition gave me a lot of things. This is a wonderful exhibition!  (Japan August 7)



 I am an art critic living in Tokyo. Yanobe and Nakahashi are my favorite artists. In this exhibition, the relationship between their works and Fukyuryum-maru is really impressive for me, I respect your curatorial work on this exhibition. Thanks ! Noi Sawaragi  (Japan, August 8)


ぼくらのしょうらい このようなすごいことばかりだとおもう。


In my future, I think only this kind of things will happen.
1st grade of elementary school (Japan, August 14)





I think that it is meaningful to see the works in the building that have been left since the pre-War periods. I felt that I could touch history directly. I will never forget what I felt here. It is good to come here on the anniversary of the end of the war.  (Japan, August 15)