Katsushige Nakahashi: The Depth of Memory

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For nearly a decade Katsushige Nakahashi has explored the possibilities of using photography as a sculptural medium. Implicit in the medium itself is the material form of history and memory, an indexical sign of events, and places. Nakahashi will present his On the Day Project 7th December / Battleship Missouri, Pearl Harbor and his first-ever ZERO Project KAITEN / San Francisco.

In the spirit of exchange and dialogue, the On the Day Project 7th December has already been constructed by volunteers at the Tottori Museum in Japan, and will subsequently be shown at San Francisco Camerawork; the ZERO Project KAITEN will be constructed here in San Francisco by a team of volunteers. This exchange of work is meant to embody the spirit of the artwork in which the artist hopes to open a dialogue between cultures, between generations and the community; for Nakahashi the objects are means to an end, namely, the objects are intended to work as conduits for discussions, to entice individuals to share experiences and their stories.

– Aaron Kerner