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What is the African Studies Minor?

The African Studies Minor is a multidisciplinary program in African history, politics, economics and cultures, designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the issues facing African communities, societies, and nation-states in the past as well as the present.. Through this arrangement, courses from each Department and Program are incorporated into the African Studies Minor, which offers different disciplinary bases for the examination and analysis of African contributions to world civilizations. It enables students to integrate and apply knowledge in the evolution of African societies from being the cradle of humanity to providing labor for the use of other civilizations and through colonial and post-colonial linkages, technological expansion and economic liberalization.
Students will examine African accomplishments, mores, traditions, cultures and civilizations to finish the minor with a greater degree of understanding of, and tolerance for, cultural differences and ethnic pluralism as well as the problems inherent in the process of social change in Africa and the African Diaspora.
Students who select this minor are presented with different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.  Common to all these perspectives is the critical examination of social change/modernization/development/ globalization.  It is hoped that students will be provided the tools to enable them to build their own frames of reference, syntheses of concepts, data and theories, to enrich their social attitudes and cultural values concerning Africa and to appreciate its richness  and its unity in diversity.

Who should declare a minor in African Studies?

The Minor will be useful to students, who would like to teach, work in government, foreign service, journalism, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business, etc., or those who contemplate attending a graduate school.

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